EMBA version 1.4.0 is out now

Posted on Mar 5, 2024

As we do a lot of ICS/OT testing in our daily business, we thought this release should reflect our usual EMBA usage scenario. Welcome to another huge EMBA release with a lot new features: EMBA v1.4.0 - ICS testing Editition


This time we have collected the following highlights for you:

  • less bugs -> more code -> more bugs? -> report all our bugs here
  • Extended binary analysis via semgrep (see module s16)
  • New static perl analysis via zarn (see module s27)
  • Toolchain identification (see wiki)
  • Improved update checking (see wiki)
  • New scan interface (with integrated status bar) automatically enabled in most scan-profiles
  • Improved multiple backend workflows
  • Massive speedup of multiple EMBA modules (see https://github.com/e-m-b-a/emba/pull/1006 / https://github.com/e-m-b-a/emba/pull/996)
  • Updated docker base image (see wiki)
  • You can get in contact with us on the following social networks: X / Mastodon / NEW: Bluesky
  • We can meet in real life at BlackHat Asia this year (see Arsenal schedule)
  • Special thanks to our awesome community for releasing multiple new articles around EMBA - see our dedicated section in the wiki

Now, start your fresh Kali Linux (put enough CPU power and RAM into it) and install EMBA:

└─$ git clone https://github.com/e-m-b-a/emba.git
└─$ cd emba 
└─$ sudo ./installer.sh -d

This will install all pre-requisites, including the docker base image and the cve database, which will need some bandwith, harddrive space and time.

Afterwards, you are ready to analyse your first firmware with EMBA:

└─$ sudo ./emba -l ~/log -f ~/firmware -p ./scan-profiles/quick-scan.emba

Beside your ongoing support with feedback, testing, working on issues and spreading EMBA you can now also support EMBA as a sponsor. image Check it out here and start being an essential part of the future of EMBA

It is always a pleasure to welcome new contributors to EMBA. This time we can welcome:

Welcome to the EMBA firmware analysis environment and thank you for your valuable contribution.

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/e-m-b-a/emba/compare/1.3.0-AI-for-EMBA...1.4.0-ICS-testing-edt