Hello EMBArk

Posted on Dec 12, 2023


Everything started as an idea in the beginning of 2021. The idea was to build an enterprise ready open source firmware analysis environment on top of EMBA. This environment should allow every product security team as well as every penetration tester and security researcher to use professional firmware analysis to improve the security of IoT/OT/ICS … (you name it) devices as easy as possible. This idea was mixed up to an AMOS research project, where a team of students built a first PoC of EMBArk. You can find the original project here. From there on continuous work, improvement and testing was running more or less under the radar. And today … EMBArk is stable and ready for more!

EMBArk is built for a team, it supports multiple user uploading and analyzing firmware simultaneously.

Your hardware is the limit!

Tracking a devices security over time - through different firmware versions - has never been this easy. EMBArk centralizes all EMBA-reports in one place and let’s you do great things with the results.

Easy to setup and even easier to use. Putting EMBAs capabilities in the hands of everyone.

Watch EMBArk

Check it out -> EMBArk v0.1